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AGI-Vigliano Literary LLC is the preeminent boutique literary agency in the publishing business. Headed by renowned literary agent, David Vigliano, the company has represented sixteen number one New York Times bestsellers and a total of 88 books that have hit the Times list.

Luminaries from all fields form the company’s select client list, including Oscar winners, politicians, athletes, star musicians, and even a Pope….. It’s a client list that includes figures as diverse as Prince, Justin Timberlake, country music superstars Willie Nelson and Trisha Yearwood, sports stars Kevin Durant and Mike Tyson, the late Kurt Cobain, self-help stalwarts Suzanne Somers, Dr. Nicholas Perricone and Gary Zukav and bestselling chefs such as Rocco DiSpirito. A select number of these book projects have become top grossing films including Bringing Down the House (which became 21), The Rookie, Home for the Holidays, Veronica Guerin, and Another Day in Paradise.

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