With sixteen #1 New York Times bestsellers and multiple Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners, Vigliano Associates joins Y Entertainment’s Agency & Management group, which now encompasses Music, TV, Lifestyle and Literary.

NEW YORK, NY, OCTOBER 30, 2014: Vigliano Associates, headed by renowned literary agent, David Vigliano, has been acquired by Y Entertainment Group LLC, expanding Y Entertainment’s group of management and agency businesses to encompass Music, TV, Lifestyle and Literary. The literary agency, which will now conduct business as AGI-VIGLIANO LITERARY LLC, just landed another Top 10 Bestseller, the first in the new era, with Joe Perry’s “ROCKS: My Life In and Out of Aerosmith”. The company will continue to be led by David Vigliano, as CEO.

Vigliano Associates, founded in 1986, is the preeminent boutique literary agency in the publishing business. Vigliano has represented sixteen number one New York Times bestsellers and 89 books that have hit the Times list. He negotiated the largest non-fiction advance in publishing history for Bob Greene with Oprah Winfrey, and over the course of his career, has represented luminaries from all fields including Oscar winners, politicians, athletes, and musicians, and even Pope John Paul II!

David Vigliano’s client list includes figures as diverse as Prince, Justin Timberlake, country music superstars Willie Nelson and Trisha Yearwood, sports stars Kevin Durant and Mike Tyson, the estate of Kurt Cobain on the number one bestselling Journals, self-help stalwarts Suzanne Somers, Dr. Nicholas Perricone and Gary Zukav and bestselling chefs such as Rocco DiSpirito .

Many of Vigliano’s book projects have become top grossing films including Bringing Down the House (which became 21), The Rookie, Home for the Holidays, Veronica Guerin, and Another Day in Paradise.

Vigliano consistently delivers some of the highest advances in publishing, which he feels is vital to a project’s success. Vigliano believes that publisher’s efforts on a book are commensurate with their investment. For many clients, books have been the cornerstone of larger businesses. Dr. Perricone’s phenomenally successful skin care line was supported and enhanced by his series of bestselling books. Rao’s line of food products were bolstered significantly by the success of the Rao’s cookbook, and books have always been a key element in Suzanne Somers’s broad line of products.

Vigliano began his career as the Director of Packaging at Warner Books, where he was among the first at any publishing house whose sole responsibility was to approach celebrities and people in the news and persuade them to tell their story in a book.

David Vigliano said, “As all areas of entertainment become more competitive, we are excited to be able to tap into the resources of Y Entertainment Group and Yucaipa’s related top managers and agents in the television, music and branding areas to create diverse opportunities for our authors. I am deeply excited to be a part of his constellation of superstar entertainment assets.”

AGI-VIGLIANO LITERARY is a part of Y Entertainment Group LLC, the Yucaipa Companies’ dedicated entertainment vehicle. AGI-VIGLIANO LITERARY will operate from its current headquarters at 405 Park Avenue in New York until the end of 2014 when it will move to the new, expanded New York group headquarters office space at 150 E 58th Street, which will unite, under one roof, all the Y Entertainment Group agency and management companies.

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