Shamron Moore’s “Beyond Hollywood Strip” on Vigliano Books

By August 4, 2014News

New from Shamron Moore, bestselling author of Hollywood Strip, comes Beyond Hollywood Strip, a send up to Jacqueline Susann’s classic, campy Valley of the Dolls books, and a sizzling summer read by one of FHM’s sexiest women in the world. “Beyond Hollywood Strip” is due out on July 28th on Vigliano Books.

Beyond Hollywood Strip
by Shamron Moore

“Beyond Hollywood Strip” follows starlet Callie Lambert is fresh off a successful stint on network TV, as she navigates the underbelly of Hollywood and fashion elite with grace. But after Lambert receives an email from a young woman claiming to be her long-lost half-sister, Lambert’s calm veneer begins to crack.

Like Susann before her, Moore’s dialogue pops off the page – a must for chick lit to be successful, she says.

“It’s gotta crackle,” Moore says. And Moore takes inspiration from the larger-than-life characters that have surrounded her throughout her own career. “There are things that people say that just stick with me. They’re sort of engrained on my brain.”

Moore keeps a rough mental outline of her novels as she writes, but likes to allow for some spontaneity in character development. “My characters have a mind of their own,” Moore says. “You have to be in that mode when you’re writing. The tone is second nature.”

The characters write themselves, to a certain extent, she says. Moore credits Susann with being the “Godmother of Chick Lit,” and drew a lot of inspiration from her work as she embarked on writing her own kitsch-crammed novels.

“After reading ‘Valley of the Dolls’ I thought, I can do this!” Moore says.

Moore came to writing after she’d left Flint, Mich. to embark on what became a long and successful modeling and acting career, which landed her on the pages of FHM and Playboy, along with numerous film and television appearances and commercial roles. Beyond Hollywood Strip is Moore’s second novel.

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